Just-in-time quality
Feb 26th, 2008 by Joca

I’ve just mentioned a post in Danilo Sato’s blog about writing acceptance test right after a user story enters a sprint.

Browsing Mike Cohn’s site, we found two documents pointing to the same idea:

  • slide 15 of Effective User Stories for Agile Requirements, and;
  • page 21 of chapter 2, Writing Stories, from User Stories Applied.

    We will test this approach and let you know the outcome.

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    English or Portuguese
    Feb 25th, 2008 by Joca

    I’ve been studying software product management for some time and I want to write about it so I could share my thoughts and questions on this topic. I have this plan since last year but always halted when deciding in what language to write. The decision is made!

    I would like to share why the language was a decision to be made and how I got to the decision of using English:

    1. Why? Since I’m a Brazilian living in Brazil working in a Brazilian company, it makes perfect sense to write in Brazilian Portuguese. On the other side, since I want to share thoughts and questions on a globalized topic such as software product management, English seems to be a language with greater reach.

    2. How I got to the decision? Today I received a message from a co-worker, Daniel Cukier, pointing to a post in Portuguese about writing acceptance test right after a user story enters a sprint. This post is in Danilo Sato’s blog, an interesting blog on agile methodologies, with focus on XP. Reading other posts from his blog, I found one written in January 2008 where he decided to switch to English after writing in Portuguese since 2006. Since my goal is to share thoughts and questions about software product management and the broader the audience, the better it will be, I decided to use English.

    Please excuse my English and if you find anything incorrectly written, please let me know. I love to learn.

    So let’s talk about Product Management!

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