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February 19th, 2011 by Joca
  • Customers shouldn’t be the ones who define your products; they should be the inspiration for your products definition. (via @sjohnson717)
  • In general I think that anger is a sign of weakness and tolerance a sign of strength. (via @DalaiLama)
  • Very good article by @simonsinek: Good Marketing vs. Bad Marketing – http://bit.ly/f4kuna
  • …people spend most of their time either jumping to conclusions or else taking no notice at all of facts. (via http://bit.ly/guRxQw)
  • Different modes of behaviour on the part of the wise are to be regarded as due to differences in individuality, not of quality. (via http://bit.ly/guRxQw)
  • Anyone “software professional” who is not humble about the software business is is not actually a professional. (via @JerryWeinberg)
  • Really beautiful REAL Google Earth FRACTALS! But missing Brazil though… http://bit.ly/hja6PX (via @cristobalvila)
  • Interesting notes on entrepreneurship: http://bit.ly/dNS8ga
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