Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-18
July 18th, 2009 by Joca
  • About http://bit.ly/Tp1YH: in a self-managed team, shouldn’t all team members act as scrum masters? #
  • Novidades do serviço de E-mail Marketing da #Locaweb agora no painel de controle: http://bit.ly/16gIlo #
  • Nice comparison of software development to sailing: http://bit.ly/Jvuuw #
  • Serviço de email marketing da #Locaweb ultrapassa a marca de 100 milhões de mensagens: http://bit.ly/h4CFK #
  • #Locaweb apoia Congresso sobre Crimes Eletrônicos – Formas de Proteção http://bit.ly/4iZVB #
  • Meta is Murder: at some level meta-discussion cuts into time you could be using to, y’know, BUILD STUFF and SOLVE PROBLEMS. RT @codinghorror #
  • A synonym to organizational democracy is the term “responsible autonomy” as described in Gerard Fairtlough’s triarchy http://bit.ly/51mGS #
  • More on triarchy (3 ways of getting things done in organizations: hierarchy, heterarchy and responsible autonomy) http://bit.ly/X9ulo #
  • Leadership has similarities to sports coaching. A coach teaches and supports the team, but it’s the team who win the game. #
  • RT: @andrezagodoy: Último post da série sobre padrões de uso e interação do #UXBlog da Locaweb – Construção de cenários:http://hype2.me/kg8 #
  • I’m rebuilding my crawl technique. Tough work, but good results. Today’s practice: 13 strokes in 25m and 34″ in 50m all out. Nice! #
  • Hidden information is normally seem as a source of power, but it’s not a good power. Open information is the good power. #
  • Companies don’t get killed by competition, they commit suicide http://klck.me/Be (via @rashmi) #
  • Another very good post from @rashmi on why a company shouldn’t worry about competition: http://bit.ly/OmboJ #
  • Como dar suporte a browsers móveis em seu blog WordPress http://bit.ly/BaGm5 (#TecBlog #Locaweb) #

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